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About This Site & Me

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Hi! I built this site to clearly document important concepts learned in data, programming and career advice.

There's lots of real-world examples, digestible small code snippets and plentiful visualizations to make learning (hopefully) fun and easy!

Click on a link in the left sidebar to begin your journey.

Much of my content is very old - even 5+ years stale. So it's not representative of my current knowledge and shouldn't be a single source of truth on a topic.

Beginning May 2023, I'm posting more and will highlight new content below.

About Me

I'm an experienced software engineer with a focus on backend and data applications. Before that, I spent a few years as a Data Scientist, mostly doing ETL and analytics.

My technical skills: Python, REST APIs, ETL & ELT, AWS Lambda, SQS, Postgres, DynamoDB, SQL, serverless patterns, Serverless Framework, Snowflake, dbt and observability with Datadog and PagerDuty.

Things I built recently for fun:

  • CLI card game War. I wanted to practice more OOP, use Enums and design a game with unit tests. GitHub repo

  • CLI Minesweeper. GitHub repo

  • Automate creation of sunrise and sunset calendar events, and build a one-click iOS app (through Apple Shortcuts) to recommend what clothes to wear based on the weather. GitHub repo

What I'll publish next: a project using Dagster - "The cloud-native orchestrator for the whole development lifecycle, with integrated lineage and observability, a declarative programming model, and best-in-class testability."

Find me online: Twitter, LinkedIn and GitHub