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Data Science as a Career Path

Date published: 2020-04-07

Category: Articles

Tags: data science

Early 2020, I had worked at my 3rd company in a row in which product & engineering leadership wanted to use data science (aka ML or AI in some circumstances) to build new features. But, it wasn't the right tool to solve the company's problems. Those data projects were cancelled. Today, in 2023, it's now been 4 companies in a row.

I've talked to countless others who experienced this issue too. In 2020, I wanted to inform people that data science may not be the best career path. I wrote up many examples from stories in the news, friends, and my own experiences. It was a long post.

Since then, I wanted to shift my career back to software engineering - with an emphasis on data - and succesfully did!

I'm nixing all previous content for the post. Vicki explains the situation better so please read her article.

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